Online Book Groupies

There’s been a growing interest in our reading club from people living outside of the Savannah area and outside of Georgia, for that matter.

I couldn’t be more excited! These online Book Groupies will allow for better online discussions and (hopefully!) we can get a few of them to guest blog some reviews for us.  Plus, the more people in our group, the more varied and diverse our possible book selections will become.

So a big welcome to all our online Groupies! If you like, leave a comment and introduce yourself. Heck, even if you’re a local Groupie, you’re welcome to leave a comment telling us a bit about you, your favorite books, genres, authors, etc.

This blog belongs to all of us, so lets start using it!

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Cloud Atlas Reviews

As promised, here are a few links to some reviews and discussions on Cloud Atlas to get you in the mood….

The New York Times

The Guardian this link is particularly awesome since it read the book as part of its online book club

A few links about the movie they are making (thanks, Tammie!)

The Millions

Washington Post interview with writer, David Mitchell

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The First Book has been Chosen

Drumroll……we’ll read…..Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell!

Published in 2004, it’s available in paperback ( = cheap), you may be able to find it locally, surely the Live Oak Public Library system has a copy or two on hand, and most certainly it’s available in used condition from online sources.

In the future, a drawing that will take place at each Book Groupies meeting to determine our book selections. Each Book Groupie will bring along 2 book suggestions, add them to the pot and we’ll draw to see which book our group will read next. However, to get us going and, most importantly, get us reading I’ve chosen the inaugural book for our reading club. I have not read the book myself, but am eager to do so. I will link up to various reviews tomorrow as the hour is very late…..and my fake professorial writing style is starting to kick in. Bad, very bad….

So let’s start reading, Groupies, so we’ll have a ton to discuss come Tuesday, October 5th!

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We Have a Venue!

Okay, folks, we’ve got a time and we’ve got a place!

I’ve updated the About the Book Groupies page to include this information. We’ll meet the first Tuesday of each month from 7 to 9 PM at Baibry’s Coffee & Cafe in Rincon. Our very first get together will be the first Tuesday in October – – October 5, 2010! I can’t wait to meet everyone, there’s already much interest in our book group and I’m sure everyone’s excited to get reading on our first book choice. The book to kick off our reading club will be announced in another post later this evening (still have some final decisions to make), but I wanted to be sure and get the meeting time and locale info out to you – our first meeting will be October 5th!  See you soon!

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New Book Club Forming

Hello future Book Groupies!

We’re gearing up for a circle of Book Groupies. If you enjoy the rustle of pages, reading into the wee hours, the smell of pulpy paper, and great chatter about your latest read, well gosh, you ought to come join us!

At the moment we are still formalizing a meeting location (somewhere in the Savannah/Pooler area), times and days, as well as our inaugural book choice. However, if you are interested in joining send us an email. In return, we’ll send you complete information once we’re all set up.

Naturally, as with any group, we’ve put together a small set of guidelines detailing a bit about what type of books we want to read (giving you a better sense of our fiction tastes). Take a look at the About the Book Groupies page to get an idea as to what sort of group we are hoping to form.

Hope to see you soon!

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