The First Book has been Chosen

Drumroll……we’ll read…..Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell!

Published in 2004, it’s available in paperback ( = cheap), you may be able to find it locally, surely the Live Oak Public Library system has a copy or two on hand, and most certainly it’s available in used condition from online sources.

In the future, a drawing that will take place at each Book Groupies meeting to determine our book selections. Each Book Groupie will bring along 2 book suggestions, add them to the pot and we’ll draw to see which book our group will read next. However, to get us going and, most importantly, get us reading I’ve chosen the inaugural book for our reading club. I have not read the book myself, but am eager to do so. I will link up to various reviews tomorrow as the hour is very late…..and my fake professorial writing style is starting to kick in. Bad, very bad….

So let’s start reading, Groupies, so we’ll have a ton to discuss come Tuesday, October 5th!


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