Online Book Groupies

There’s been a growing interest in our reading club from people living outside of the Savannah area and outside of Georgia, for that matter.

I couldn’t be more excited! These online Book Groupies will allow for better online discussions and (hopefully!) we can get a few of them to guest blog some reviews for us.  Plus, the more people in our group, the more varied and diverse our possible book selections will become.

So a big welcome to all our online Groupies! If you like, leave a comment and introduce yourself. Heck, even if you’re a local Groupie, you’re welcome to leave a comment telling us a bit about you, your favorite books, genres, authors, etc.

This blog belongs to all of us, so lets start using it!


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One Response to Online Book Groupies

  1. Sam from Baibry's!! says:

    YAY! i bought The Giver, and have started reading it!!!! ALSO!! i took December 7th off! so i’ll be there!!!!! YAY!!

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