About the Book Groupies

We ain’t into Chick Lit.
Nope. Couldn’t care less about Alex Cross.
The cloying yarns from Nicholas Sparks make our collective teeth ache.

We read fiction. Straight up.
Literary fiction. Genre fiction.
Where the written word is smooth enough to drink or the story so fantastical it twists your mind into a pretzel.
All fiction all the time, baby!
We’re interested in both paperback and hardback editions just so long as the price doesn’t  exceed $25 bucks to ensure everyone can easily afford to participate.
Heck, even a short-story collection here and there would do nicely.

Rule of Thumb:  If you can buy it at Wal-Mart, Target, or CVS, most likely it’s not the type of book we want to read.

Please note – we regularly read books that are available at Wal-Mart, Target, and CVS. (Where else would we get our fiction-fix at 3:35 AM?)
Commercial fiction sells.
We buy it, read it, and (most often) enjoy it.
We love curling up on a rainy Sunday with Dan Brown’s latest and have several Oprah Book Club titles on our nightstands.
We’re just not interested in reading highly commercial fiction for this book club.

So sorry, Sue Grafton.
No thanks, John Grisham.
Not really for us, Janet Evanovich.
Move along, Dick Francis.

Oddly, just cause it is on the NYT Bestsellers list doesn’t necessarily negate it as a choice for this group. It’s more in the branding of an author or a series that will determine if the novel is a good pick for the Book Groupies.  For the books that fall into that gray area between commercial and literary success, (first, kudos to the author!) we’ll discuss it at the meeting and let the group decide.

Ultimately, we’re looking for 8-12 people that want to read, meet, snack, laugh, argue, and chat.
We’ll get together the first Tuesday of each month from 7-9PM at Baibry’s Coffee & Cafe in Rincon. Baibry’s offers a great mix of gourmet coffee and chai, tasty sandwiches, and a wide variety of baked goods to satisfy your sweet tooth. They offer a comfortable atmosphere that’s perfect for all our book discussions.
Baibry’s is easy to find, but here’s a link to a Google Map just in case.

At each meeting we’ll hold a drawing to decide which book will be selected for the next month’s read. So be sure and bring 2 book suggestions with you to enter into the drawing.

Make your book purchases at independent or local bookstores whenever possible.